June 2012

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an informational resource for people interested in audio, recording, mixing, sound design, engineering and producing and all the fun stuff that comes with it.

This features-based publication hosts interviews with talented people in audio-related fields, and gear reviews and spec pages for almost every product mentioned in our interviews. Our “Goods and Gear” pages are unbiased and host real quotes and links to even more stories/interviews with pros using the gear in real life on cool, high-profile music, film and game-related projects.

Head Audiohead Remix Galaxy: A Place to Mix and Mingle Editor Steph Jorgl just published a news story at Electronic Musician on a cool new Remixing site called Remix Galaxy. Check it out here.

Butch Vig Featured Audioheads
Read up on how top composers, engineers, sound designers and producers like Butch Vig, Hans Zimmer, Trent Reznor, Jack Dangers, Richie Hawtin, Alan Moulder and others use technology in their studios.

Winter NAMM 2009 Winter NAMM 2009
The clouds cleared and the sun shined brightly as a bigger-than-ever swarm of gearlust-stricken registrants descended on on Anaheim for the coolest audio event of the year — the Winter NAMM show!

To get’s 2009 NAMM Report, click here.


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Rob Zombie Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie penetrates, shocks and entertains the masses through all means of media. And after writing and directing two of his own films, Zombie just wrote and recorded a new CD, “Educated Horses,” with his producer Scott Humphrey.

Richie Hawtin Richie Hawtin
Richie Hawtin has been spinning and mixing records for over 20 years. But he decided to move beyond the realm of vinyl, into using computer-based, BPM-warping tools like Ableton Live to expand his mixes and tricks.

Underworld Underworld
Godfathers of electronic music, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde hooked up first as the atmospheric band Freur, then drove electronic music to a new level of sonic world takeover with Freur’s sequel, Underworld.

Jerome Dillon is nearLY Jerome Dillon Produces
Former NIN drummer Dillon’s “nearLY: reminder” soundtrack-meets-rocktronic masterpiece started as an attempt to sonically recreate his recurring dream. He and engineer Brett Pierce (B. Poledouris/T. Boyle) tell us how they recorded this epic release.

Remix Galaxy

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